School Notes

The following notes and forms are available for parents in our school community.

If you require a copy of a note or form not found on this page or have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies or other general inquiries please feel free to contact McCarthy Catholic College by phone on (02) 4728 8100, weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

  Application for Exemption for Attendance at School

Application for Exemption from Attendance at School

  Application for Extended Leave

Application for Extended Leave - Travel 5-100 days

  Chewing Gum Policy

Chewing Gum Policy

  Short Term Medication Form

If your child requires short term medication to be administered at school the form below needs to be completed. Please note that the medication must be in the original packaging with the chemist's label and doctor's name prescribing the medication on the box or bottle. If your child requires long term medication, then you will need to obtain this package from the office and have all the relevant documentation completed by the doctor before medication will be administered or held at the college.

  CityRail Quite Carriages

A letter regarding the CityRail 'Quiet Carriages' initiative.

  Safe School Travel

Tips to improve your child's safety around the school.

  Safety Around School Buses

How you can help...

  Safety Riding to School

What the law says as well as important safety information concerning riding to school.

  School Opal Card Information

Introduction of School Opal Cards for 2016

  Travel Advice for Parents

Travel advice for parents including: improving your child's safety, parking safely near the school and 40 km/h school zones.

  2018 Sports Uniform Structure and PDHPE Practicals

2018 Sports uniform expectations and requirements

  The School Locker

Uniform Shop replaced by The School Locker

  2018 Sports Uniform Structure and PDHPE Practicals

2018 Sports uniform expectations and requirements

  Attendance Processes

Letter to Parents

  Bushfire Season 2017-2018

Bushfire Season 2017-2018

  Student Management Plan Positive Behaviours for Learning

At McCarthy Catholic College our student management policy is based on the premise that it is our collective responsibility to build and encourage positive student behaviours in the learning space, the playground & when representing the college in extra­curricular activities. We are committed to the development of the whole person for all students. This commitment is firmly grounded in integrity, justice & peace and it acknowledges that any consequence which lowers the dignity of the person is unacceptable and incongruent with our catholic ethos.

  Year 7 Learning Prep parent note

Year 7 preparation note for parents

  Yr 7 Swimming and Lifesaving Program 2018

Yr 7 Swimming and Lifesaving program focuses on a day in the pool increasing your child's ability to respond to emergency situations in and around water. See permission note for further details.

  2019 HSC Information Night

A compulsory High School Certificate information evening will be held of parents of students studying the mainstream curriculum in 2019 on Wednesday 17th October 2018.

  Senior Student Pattern of Study

Senior Student Pattern of Study - Parent Letter