Two Years On

It has now been two years since I commenced at McCarthy as Principal Leader of this fine College. There have been so many changes which are all focused on building a strong learning culture to ensure our students achieve a high standard. We have seen immense learning growth for our students in both literacy and numeracy, which are essential foundations for student success, enabling learners to perform across a wide range of courses.

We have also introduced the Student Learning Performance Grade (SLP), which is a framework that has 5 key elements of learning, that students and teachers can both assess each lesson and is reported to parents every 5 weeks. These areas of learning are:

  1. Tools for learning

  2. Home based learning

  3. Working cooperatively

  4. Working independently

  5. Application to learning tasks

This is a tool for assessing and providing ongoing feedback to assist students set goals for the next stage of their learning on a regular basis. Students, teachers and parents have all found the SLP a very informative strategy to enhance student potential.

We have undertaken significant building work transforming the College with new bathrooms and change rooms, along with new state of the art Learning Spaces such as the Mackillop Learning Centre. Enabling  students to learn using 21st century learning skills such as communication, creativity, collaboration and inquiry learning.

The school will continue to grow and transform and we welcome feedback and community visitors to our learning community.



Tania Cairns

Principal Leader

McCarthy Catholic College