2017 Staff

Executive Staff
Principal Leader Mrs Tania Cairns 
Assistant Principal Ms Michelle Deschamps
Assistant Principal-Trade Training Centre (TTC) Mr John Wills
 Leader of Learning Religious Education & Mission Mr Robert Feeney
 Head of Learning Mr Paul Rochfort
 Head of Student Well-being and Learning Mr Martin Stein
 Leader of Learning Innovation and Diversity Ms Anna Keogh
 Business Manager Mr Sean McNally
 Principal's Personal Assistant Mrs Sharon Clarke


Leaders of Learning - Key Learning Areas
 Assistant Religious Education Mrs Patricia Gallacher
 English Mrs Una Hughes
Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)  Mr Daniel Nekic
 Human Society in its Environment (HSIE)  Mrs Peta Lewin
 Mathematics Mrs Sharee Hughes
 Personnel Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Mr Ben Hunt 
 Science Mr Tim Cook
Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) Mr Tim Easterbrook
Trade Training Centre Mrs Peta Weber
 Assistant Trade Training Centre Mr Chris Levy
 Sports Coordinator Mr Craig Beacroft
 Leaders of  
 Technology Mr Damien McGuire
 STEM / P-TECH Mrs Amanda Moore
 Literacy Mr Ben Gilholme

Year Group - Leaders of Learning  
Year 7 Mrs Julie Petrovski
Year 8 Mrs Teresa Holland
Year 9 Mr Graeme Atkins
Year 10 Mr John McKnight
Year 11 and 12 Main School Mr Martin Stein
 Year 11 and 12 TTC Mrs Peta Weber
Homeroom Main School
 7.1  Mr Daniel Nekic
 7.2  Mrs Monica Sharp and Mrs Una Hughes
 7.3  Mrs Peta Lewin
 7.4  Mrs Fran Sidoruk
 8.1  Mr John Durkin
 8.2  Mr Nick Hall
 8.3  Mrs Shannon Matthews
 8.4  Mrs Rachel Miller
 8.5  Mr Damien McGuire
 9.1  Mr Colin Edmondson
 9.2  Mr Brendan Luchetti
 9.3  Mr Paul Waddell
 9.4  Mrs Patricia Gallacher
 10.1  Mr Tim Easterbrook
 10.2  Mrs Amanda Moore and Ms Nadine Sibbald
 10.3  Mr Ben Hunt
 10.4  Mr Ben Gilholme
 11.1  Mrs Jacqueline Murphy
 11.2  Mrs Deslie Kasmer
 11.3  Mrs Nada Nenadic
 12.1  Mr Daniel Conway
 12.2  Mrs Alison McDonald
 12.3  Mr Chris Handel
 TTC Years 11 and 12 Homerooms  
 TTC 1  Mr Paulo Pajaron
 TTC 2  Mr Paul O'Brien
 TTC 3  Miss Xiomara Biasotti
 TTC 4  Mrs Niro Wanigatunga
 TTC 5  Mr Chris Levy
Additional Traditional McCarthy Staff

Yassa Beshay Mathematics Teacher
Simone Blatman PDHPE Teacher
Ed Cross Mathematics Teacher
Ryan Elston Science Teacher
Elizabeth Heggart Mathematics Teacher
Shannon Herps Creative Art & RE Teacher
Peter Hume HSIE & English Teacher
Craig Laffin Careers Advisor
Leah Martin PDHPE & Business Services Teacher
Andrew McMaster Religion & Science Teacher
Robert Mudge Mathematics Teacher
Angela Noonan Science Teacher
Amanda Parnis Data Analyst
Anne Raco TAS & RE Teacher
Kristy Rudel PDHPE and RE Teacher
Lee Sullivan LOTE, TAS & HSIE Teacher
Additional TTC Staff

Andrew Diaz  TTC- Metals
Norm Hunter  TTC- Carpentry
Patricia Murnane  TTC- Learning Support
Corrida Nohra  TTC- English
 Janet Tawadros  TTC- Childcare

School Support and Organisation Executive
Administration Coordinator Mrs Marian Samuel
School Counsellor Ms Prue Excell
School Receptionist Wendy Adams
TTC Administration Kim Arts
Curriculum Secretary Olivia Baker
Curriculum Secretary  Mary Biernat
TTC Enrolment Secretary and Administrator Katrina Gill
Learning Support Assistant Kathy Gadzev
Student Administration  Marie Hewett
Bursar Julie Jones
IT Support Alex Kitanov
Library Assistant Frances Robinson
Finance Cheryl Whatman
Industry and Workplace Liaison Officer (TTC)
Mr Tim Summers
Vocational Education and Training (VET) Mr Geoff Sullivan

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Castlereagh 02  Mr Ben Gilholme

Castlereagh 02  Mr Ben Gilholme

Mrs Marian Samuel
Mrs Marian Samuel